Davide Germano

Vom 25. September bis zum 13. Oktober zeigen wir Photografien von Davide Germano.

Vernissage: 01. Oktober, von 15 bis 17 Uhr
Finissage: 13. Oktober, ab 17 Uhr

Born in Barletta, on the south-east coast of Italy, moved (by chance) to Switzerland when he was
24 years old.
Started to pursue photography while working on his PhD in Life Sciences, loving the innate
creativity and imagination of both science and photography.
Self-taught artist continually working on developing a unique perspective, his works include
travel/story-telling photography as well as more conceptual works.
Editions are limited to 9 fine-art prints total in a given size. Each print is signed, dated and
numbered on the back.